Psychotherapy and Counseling

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Our licensed psychologists work with adolescents and adults. We have extensive training and experience working with anxiety, depression, and many other presenting problems and have consistently been described as empathic and effective psychotherapists by our patients and colleagues.

We believe the most successful therapy patients are those who are highly engaged and active in the therapeutic process. With adults, it is important for the therapeutic partnership to include a high level of active work on the part of the patient and the therapist. For adolescents, it is of great importance to have active parent involvement in addition to a young person with a desire to develop insight into their behavior.

At times, psychological evaluation results in recommendations for psychotherapy or other intervention. Our psychologists will gladly provide these services where appropriate as long as we have experience working with these needs, but there will be times when it is more appropriate for our office to provide referrals to trusted providers better suited to meet the identified needs.

North Texas Psychology is proud to offer treatment services that incorporate Alpha-Stim® technology. We have been very pleased with the results our patients have achieved and would be happy to discuss the possible appropriateness of incorporating this treatment modality in your care. If you would like to experience the Alpha-Stim® technology, ask your psychologist for a free trial during your next therapy session. If you are not a current therapy patient, you can schedule a 30-minute Alpha-Stim® assessment with one of our psychologists.

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