ADHD Assessment

Our practice is concerned with the current environment of overdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, and careless diagnosis of ADHD. We commonly see children and adults diagnosed with ADHD after only minutes with another health professional. Because our practice believes there is a better way to address ADHD, we have developed comprehensive evaluation and treatment services to ensure children, adolescents, and adults receive a thorough examination with direction regarding all available treatment options.

A detailed evaluation guards against quick or snap diagnoses. Proper diagnosis leads to more targeted and appropriate treatments. It is this thorough and well-rounded approach that has earned North Texas Psychology the respect of our patients and other professionals. The ADHD evaluation system designed by our founder, Dr. Michael Morris, can also include treatment where indicated as well as consultation with your existing medical providers. Click here to learn more about our other counseling services.

What is Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADHD is a complex disorder that has dramatically increased in prevalence in recent years. Research indicates that many individuals continue to experience symptoms of the disorder from childhood through adulthood. Those meeting diagnostic criteria for the disorder have many challenges to overcome. Our practice provides services to both children and adults.

Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder often experience discipline problems at home and school, poor school grades, and difficulty making or maintaining friendships. Limited ability to concentrate, low frustration tolerance for long or routine tasks, shifting from one incomplete task to another, inability to delay and think through a problem situation adequately or to regulate behavior as a situation demands, persistent restlessness, trouble following through on directions given, inconsistencies in the quality, accuracy and speed of completing assigned work are the hallmarks of this disorder. Children and their parents are seen individually and together during different phases of treatment.

ADHD and Adolescents

When working with adolescents, treatment is modified to include mutual problem-solving skills, communication training and behavioral contracting. Strong-willed or noncompliant children and their parents can benefit from a similar course of treatment as that outlined for ADHD. Anger control training is emphasized in this treatment program; combining cognitive restructuring and inhibition of impulsive or aggressive behaviors with social skills training.

ADHD and Adults

Contrary to popular belief, approximately two-thirds of children/adolescents diagnosed with ADHD will not “outgrow” the disorder, but rather will continue to display significant symptoms that persist into adulthood.

Cognitive behavior therapy has been shown to be an important part of treating ADHD in adults. Therapy often helps individuals acquire better organizational strategies, improving social skills and greater awareness of work habits. Through such methods individuals are able to improve work and school performance, as well as enhance interpersonal relationships.

North Texas Psychology does not adopt an automatic pro-medication stance for treating ADHD. We maintain an open philosophy. Each case is evaluated carefully, and we take your personal philosophy into account prior to making recommendations about medications.

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